SDK Showcase app

A look of what the HERE'S SDK is about (2018). Deliver core product value as fast as possible

SDK showcase app
Company: Here Technology
Role: Senior UX&UI designer


HERE Technology's map SDK has a lot of functionalities in terms of navigation and moving from point A to B. I joined this project when we decided to create an application that allows for anyone to order a taxi. While doing so, the users will see several taxi stations and for each one of them, the price and ETA. In addition, there is an option to follow the driver's location and see the ride status in real time.

I was involved in this project from the beginning. Creating the UI and UX flow from scratch to try to present the SDK abilities. I designed these two scenarios:
1. Authentication, register and log in to the app
2. Searching for a ride, see the ride status, order pre-booked rides

First scenario / Register and login to the app

Each user should have a unique user name and password. For this, the main app screen includes these two fields. Userscould move between sign-in and login screens.

Login screen

Second scenario / Searching for taxi

From the main app screen (below) the main action a user can do is to enter the destination point. The app by default will order a taxi from the current user location, but the user could change it anytime. When users enter an address they will see some results relevant to what was typed. 

Users can also create a pre-booked ride, which allows them to select at what date and hour they will need the taxi. There are other ride options that users can set up for the ride, like adding their name and phone number to allow the driver to call them if needed. Users could add a note or mention some ride constrains as appears below:

From top left: Main page, autocomplete search and empty state error handling. Bottom left: set a new ride, select date and time, see the ride details screen

Third scenario / Ride status

Users can select between several taxi companies. Per each one of them, they can see the name of the taxi station, the relevant hour, and the estimated price. After ordering a taxi, the users will be notified about the ride status, which changes in real-time, and be prepared for the ride. Users can cancel a ride anytime from this screen.

On the left: all possible options to take a ride with the connected suppliers. On the right, ride status screen

Forth scenario / Pre-booked ride

We saw above that there is an option to order a taxi for another day and an hour, as a pre-booked ride. After doing so, this ride will appear on the main screen. User can create more than one pre-book ride:

Main screen with pre-booked indication
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