Alfie app

IOT B2C project to make the online purchase easier (2017). Decrease friction of online purchasing

Alfie app
Company: Sears Israel
Role: Lead iOS Designer


Alfie is an IOT device which connected to an app and allows to order products by talking to the device or chat with the app. Alfie knows what is the user preferences and knows to offer what is the best solution per user.

I took part in this product to help to define and design the main app screen, which is the chat between the user and the Alfie bot.


Alfie knows to do these things: Alfie is a chat-bot, it can remember the user preferences and order the products the user likes. Alfie knows to offer products depend on user requests. Alfie is an app but also integrates with a physical device. Both should be aligned one with each other.

The main goal of the app is to reinvent the way people  shopping, therefore the challenge is to make a good connection between a chat-bot and the user. The connection must be clear, easy, and fun, to make a quick understanding between both.

The Main App Screen

This screen is a conversation between Alfie and the user. From a benchmark I made I found out that most of the chatbots have a unique character. I added the Alfie logo near each message it sends, to make the feeling there is someone on the other side.

The second thing that came up is about the option to be aware if Alfie understands all that you said to it, when you talk to the device. To solve this, I added a "play" button near each message that the user sends. When users tap on it, they will be able to hear the conversation.

The last thing to improve is the option to add images to the chat, for both sides. For example, if a user asks for advice on what to buy for his 11 boy years old, Alfie will offer some options, shows prices and images of the products. This will make the experience of buying online much faster.

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