I am a UX expert who focuses on interaction design, to connect people & technology

About me

Well first, thank you for being here! 🙌

My name is Shiran and I have more than 7 years experience building top-notch products. I am a hands on person, who takes part in all the product lifecycle, from idea to user-test, implementation and follow the data after launch.

In my spare time I love to read about user experience, my favourite book is "The best interface is no interface", and "Hooked". I also like to go for urban walks. Ho yes, I love to bake cookies too 🍪

I write some stuff about design, sharing my knowledge, experiences and some ideas, you can take a look in my Medium page.

Feel free to say Hi by email or by the form on Contact page.


CUrrent: UX Designer
@ Red Hat

Designing Paas OpenShift Container Platform

UX Designer
@ Starmind

Designing Saas responsive product for internal networks

Senior UX/UI designer
@ Here technologies

Designing iOS and Android native applications for taxi drivers

Mobile UX/UI designer
@ sears

Designing native iOS mobile e-commerce application

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